Our services

dotspot.IT comes into play where standard software solutions start to reach their limits. Our solutions link in with your company’s existing software structure and complement and build on this in line with your requirements. All of our partners are specialists in their field with min. 10 years of professional experience, enabling us to implement projects with an above-average level of quality.

This ensures that at the end of a project you will receive an IT solution, which is tailor-made to your specific requirements and performs smoothly!


IT- Consulting

  • Requirements analysis
  • Functional specifications
  • Process analysis
  • System architectures


  • Project management
  • Project outsourcing
  • Design
  • Development


  • Database systems
  • Time tracking
  • Quality management
  • SAP integration
  • App for iOS and Android

Hosting & Support

  • Managed Services
  • High availability hosting
  • High performance server
  • IT-Operations
  • Service and support

Make your project a success

6 steps to your individual software solution.

1. Analysis

Every new project starts with your idea or with a problem you have encountered. dotspot.IT conducts an in-depth analysis of your working processes and requirements and the possibilities available.

2. Specifications

Based on this analysis, we will work with you to specify the functionalities and interfaces.

3. Implementation

The project will be implemented using agile software development – you will quickly receive results and can test the project components one by one.

4. Test phase

During the test and stabilisation phase, all features will be subjected to thorough testing in collaboration with the customer. During this time, no work on new features will be undertaken.

5. Roll-out

The software will be rolled out according to the progress made – your feedback will be incorporated into the additional stages of the project. Following successful implementation, the software will be installed at your company.

6. Service

On request, we can also undertake the hosting and operation of your software and set it up for you. Then you can simply start working.