DC.Cleaning 2.0

The app for scheduled cleaning.

The cleanest software for cleaning buildings

Did you know that even in the seemingly cleanest of buildings, the highest levels of germs (bacteria and viruses) lurk on PC keyboards, desks, payment terminals and remote controls? Regardless of the location and facilities available in your building, cleanliness is one of the key criteria which you will be judged on as a host, owner or employer.

With DC.Cleaning, we have developed a highly specialist, integrative software for cleaning hotels, office blocks, thermal spas and airports etc. DC.Cleaning is an ingenious solution for documenting cleaning processes.

DC.Cleaning is scalable for large and small-scale buildings and brings a sparkle to every room. Enquire here about how exactly DC.Cleaning works or read more…

The software solution for the highest quality cleaning

DC.Cleaning has been specially developed for hotels, airports, thermal spas and large office blocks and covers the entire cleaning process from the planning to the cleaning intervals and settlement of cleaning services for all rooms.
DC.Cleaning can be integrated into existing software solutions and takes planning efficiency, quality control and analysis to a new level.

Top quality through analysis and planning of the cleaning processes

The analysis tools from DC.Cleaning can be individually adapted and can detect any weak points in the existing cleaning processes to date. This allows you to constantly check and correct the quality of the cleaning. All processes and results are optimised.

You have the ability to precisely plan your cleaning cycles and select specific additional cleaning services.

Less planning of cleaning processes required

Higher quality

Ideal for meeting individual requirements

Frequency and intensity of cleaning are flexibly scalable

What DC.Cleaning offers

Real-time quality checks

The age of hand-written lists is over: with DC.Cleaning¸ cleaning sessions are documented using an Android cleaning app. Progress can be checked in real-time using the Android app. Strong statistics on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

Automated planning

Cleaning lists show the daily volume of orders based on the saved cleaning cycles, the cleanings completed and any additional tasks to be assigned on a day or room-specific basis.

Route plan for your cleaners

Devise a route plan for your cleaners. Individual rooms or objects may be removed or added to the planning process on a daily basis or over a specific period of time. The routes are clear and the work is carried out efficiently.

Monitoring and hosting

All of the system components are centrally monitored and logged. Data transfer takes place in real time.

Digital personnel file

DC.Cleaning manages the skills and certifications of cleaning staff to ensure that the suitability of cleaners is incorporated into the planning of tasks and goals.

Digital room book with CAFM-connection

All rooms and objects are logged in the DC.Cleaning software system. Connection to the existing CAFM system is possible and reasonable.

Optimised display for smartphones

Live information at all times: Personalised real-time access for customers or service providers.

Intelligent sensors: Cleaning on demand

On request, DC.Cleaning can install intelligent sensors to measure whether a room has been used and needs to be cleaned. Based on the data acquired, the software generates optimal cleaning intervals because the rooms no longer need to be cleaned routinely, only when it is necessary. WIFI and/or cable are not required.

Optimal user-friendliness

Full functionality is available even when offline or with a poor connection. DC.Cleaning is characterised by the ultimate level of user-friendliness: knowledge of German is not required to use the app thanks to its multi-lingual design and self-explanatory pictograms with a four-colour system.


Cleaning button

On request, we can install a button for unscheduled, spontaneous cleanings.

100% green energy

The servers at DC.Health are based in Austria and are powered by green energy.

Easy integration through open interfaces.

Ready to use immediately, also as a stand-alone solution.

Long-term tested and proven.

For medium and large-scale buildings.

The benefits are obvious

Making quality measurable

The analysis tool generates measurable added value from your data and helps you to continually improve your cleaning processes. Cleaning processes are clearly presented and in this way, constant improvements can take place. This means: an assessment of all data in real time. Raw data is also available for download.


A noticeable improvement in quality

DC.Cleaning ensures there is a notable improvement in quality because the software quickly defects any areas of weakness or problems at your establishment and documents the quality standard of the cleaning services.

Offline capability

Full functionality even with poor data connection. 100% data transfer by handshake protocol.

Penalty fees and and bonuses

Automatic calculation of penalty fees and and bonuses based on configurable data.

No manipulation possible

All processes are logged and transparent. All the data is analysed in real time by the comprehensive analysis tool.

Ready to use immediately - also as a stand-alone solution

DC.Cleaning is an out-of-the-box cloud-based solution. A basic version can be up and running in just a few days.

Easy integration through open interfaces

Open interfaces link DC.Cleaning to various ERP-systems.

Long-term tested and proven

DC.Health has been developed and used in large-scale companies since 2013.


Validation and paperless payments

The plausibility test automatically checks and identifies each cleaning prior to settlement. As an option, the services provided can be directly transferred to the ERP system and settled here.

Logging complaints and shortcomings via a QR code

Complaints or deficiencies flagged up by guests, visitors or employees can easily be logged using a QR code. A simple status overview shows whether a cleaning session needs to be assigned. Calibration with other systems is possible. WIFI and/or cables are not required for this.

Our offer

As diverse as your requirements.
We offer an uncomplicated solution, ready for immediate use, which does not require any specific infrastructure.
DC.Transport is available as Software as a Service (SaaS) in the cloud or as On-Premise solution installed on your servers.


Our bestseller. Available for immediate use.
  • pooling of hours for support and further development
  • SaaS: further development
  • constantly carrying out security stress tests
  • ready to use immediately
  • Test operation possible


Hosted by you. Supported by us.
  • The latest version of DC.Health on your servers
  • Assistance in the form of a support contract
  • Regular security patches