Business Apps for iOS and Android

Business Apps are best suited to digitising work processes at a company. The fundamental requirements of business apps differ from those of consumer apps. Our long-standing expertise in devising business apps will make your initiative a success. Your project is in the best of hands. 

We will compile a concept which reflects your requirements, handle the planning and devise mock-ups and a prototype. And of course, all of our pages will be planned and compiled in a responsive design (mobile-friendly).

We offer professional and comprehensive solutions across all phases of development. From the initial idea to the operation.

 We are a reliable partner by your side.

Mobile Device Management

Own app server

Protection from misuse

100% offline capability


We provide advice on the compilation of apps and digitisation of your business processes.

Concept & UX/UI design

Simple and easy to understand. The user always forms the focal point of our considerations.

Cross-platform app development

Whether native iOS or an Android app; whether a hybrid app with or without a framework – we have the solution.


During the test phase, we work with the customer to ensure that all features are subject to fundamental testing.


We will also be there to support you and your project after the launch.

Own app server

We manage the rollout of your apps via our own app server.

100% offline capability

Full functionality even with poor data connection. 100% data transfer by handshake protocol.

Protection from misuse

You decide which functions can be used on the telephone.

Mobile Device Management

All processes are logged. Our analysis tool provides the right answer to all questions – and in real time.